This checklist has been put together to help the children prepare to return to school on Tuesday.
Work through this checklist over the weekend:

  • Pack your school bag – check you have your stationery (pen, pencil, ruler, green pen), planner, equipment, etc
  • Get your uniform ready – you don’t want to be looking for your tie on Tuesday morning!
  • On Tuesday, please wear full school uniform. If you have PE later this week you will need to come to school in your PE kit on the usual day.
  • Make sure you start adjusting your body clock over the next couple of days – go up to bed slightly earlier each night, and put a slightly earlier alarm on for each day (etry and get up at the normal school time on Tuesday )
  • Make sure you have a comfortable mask – you will be wearing it most of the time.
  • If you borrowed a school laptop please make sure you charge it on Monday night and remember to pack it carefully in your bag on Tuesday along with the charger.
  • Make sure all homework is complete
  • You could do some catch up work if you are behind.
  • You could do some Maths or Science revision on Century.
  • You could do some reading set for you on myON.
  • You could do some handwriting practice if you have not written very much for a while.
  • Plan what time you will need to eat your breakfast, get ready and leave home to get to school for the correct time on Tuesday.
  • Remember, you still have online lessons to complete on Monday.

Here are the links to the online lessons on Monday:

Remember to check in with your form teacher on Teams as normal, no later that 9:30.

9:30am – English Assessment Preparation with Mrs Maisey

1:00pm – Maths Lesson with Miss Richards

We are really looking forward to seeing the children again on Tuesday
Students should come to main reception at their arrival time and line up on the markings on the path. They will be supervised by staff and given further instructions.
Students must come through the main gate, not through the back or side gate. These entrances will be back in use from Wednesday.
Here is a reminder of the arrival times – students must come at the times listed below. All children must attend, even those who don’t have consent for testing.
Once the test is complete and all is well, students will go back to class and continue with learning.
Students who have an arrival time later in the day should do the activities suggested on the checklist above.
All students will be released to go home at 3:25pm as usual.
Form Time
8.1 8:30am
8.4 9:15am
8.2 10:00am
8.6 10:45am
8.7 11:30am
8.5 1:15pm
8.3 2:00pm