Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Here you can find the Remote Learning Timetables for Year 7 and 8 as well as some help and support with accessing online learning.

At WBCA we will be delivering Remote Learning via Live Lessons and Assignments in Microsoft Teams. We have a statutory responsibility to deliver a minimum of 4 hours of Remote Learning per day. This will be mainly through Live Lessons though there may be some independents tasks that students are asked to complete, though a teacher will be available to provide support remotely.

In addition to taking part in Live Lessons, students must ‘check in’ each morning with their Form Teacher on their L4L Team, by responding to a question or post written by their teacher.

There is an assembly every Friday morning at 9am that families are welcome to watch with their child.

  • What are Live Lessons?

    In a Live Lesson, students will be able to see and hear one of our teachers deliver a lesson, as though they were in the classroom. The teacher will not be able to see or hear the students, and the students cannot see or hear each other.

    The lesson will be live and students will be able to interact with the teacher via the ‘Chat’ function that is found on the right side of the lesson window.

    Live Lessons can be paused, students can rewind them and view the recording after the lesson has taken place.

    Please note, there is a delay of around 15 seconds from when the teacher says something and it is seen and heard by the viewers. Sometimes, if the internet signal is weak, the picture and sound quality can decrease but unfortunately this is not something that can be controlled.

  • What are Assignments?

    Students are used to using Teams Assignments in their lessons in school. An Assignment will be set alongside a Live Lesson and this is where students are expected to complete and hand in their work.

    Assignments are found either at the topic of a Subject Team or on the left hand side of the Teams App.

    An Assignment will contain instructions and resources that will help the students to complete their work while they watch and listen to the Live Lesson.

    Work is Assignments is saved in One Drive in the Cloud so Teachers will be able to see the work that students are producing in real time to offer feedback, to check it is being completed and to assess it when necessary.

    It is very important that students ‘Hand In’ their assignments once they are complete.

    Here is an example of what an Assignment might look like. There will also be a purple ‘Hand In’ button.

    Students can ‘Un-Hand-In’ their work if they hand it in before it is complete.

  • How Will My Child Access Live Lessons?

    To view a Live Lesson you just need to click on the link from the timetable below, or from the timetable on the Student Portal.

    After clicking the link you may see this screen. You can either view the lesson in the web browser OR in the Microsoft Teams app (if it is installed). The app is free to install and we recommend that students do this.

    Once opened, if the Live Lesson has not yet started you will see a blank screen. Students can use the chat to say hello to the teacher who will begin the lesson shortly.

    Students will be able to leave the lesson and re-join by clicking the lesson link again. Students may like to have the Live Lesson open in part of the window and have the Assignment or other documents open in the other part so they can work while watching the lesson.

  • What if I Don't have a Laptop or Computer at Home?

    Most internet-enabled devices should be able to access Live Lessons on Microsoft Teams including smart phones and tablets. Students will just need to click on the lesson link at the correct time to view the lesson.

    Installing the free Microsoft Teams app onto a smartphone may be useful but it is not essential. Even if students are not able to complete the work from the lesson on Word etc, they can watch the lesson and complete work on paper. If they are able to access the Assignment for the lesson, they could take photographs of the work completed and upload this to the assignment so their teacher can see what they have done.

    Unfortunately we have already given out the small number of devices provided to us by the Government – if a late request for a device has been made you will be added to a waiting list and we hope to be able to provide a device as soon as possible.

    We are hoping to receive some Sim cards with free 4G data so anyone without internet access can tether a smart phone to a device in order to access live lessons.

  • My Child has to Share a Device

    If students are not able to watch lessons live, the recordings will be uploaded to the Student Portal once the Live Event is over. If students have to share devices with sibling they could take it in turns to complete their work. Assignments can be completed at any time but students will gain the most benefit from watching the Live Lessons and completing the Assignments live if at all possible.

    If there are difficulties with shared devices at home, let your child’s Form Teacher know so that we can try and provide an extra device as soon as possible. Form Teachers will be checking on Live Lesson attendance and contacting families to check that students are taking part in lessons so it is very important that we know if a student if not able to complete the work ‘live’ but will be doing it later on.

  • I Need Help with Microsoft Teams

    We use Microsoft Teams to deliver Live Lessons and to set Assignments. We ask that students download the Teams App if possible, following the instructions above. It is a great way for students to communicate with their class and teachers.

    Students log into Teams using their WBCA email address and password. Students have all used Teams within school and should be familiar with how it works and how to access Assignments.

    This video will give you an overview of how Microsoft Teams works for students. You do not need to know about all of the features.

    Microsoft Teams for Students and Families

    Key Points

    • We recommend that students download Microsoft Teams onto their device or phone, it will make it much easier. It is a free app. It would also help to download the Microsoft apps such as Word.
    • Students will be in a number of different Teams, one for each of their subjects.
    • Each Team has a Post section, where teachers will post messages for students to respond to.
    • Students MUST NOT create new posts and all communication must be polite, professional and related to school work and learning.
    • Teams is not a forum for chatting and all conversations are monitored by staff.
    • You may like to watch one of these videos to help students complete an assignment, depending on which device you use.

    Uploading Work to Teams Assignments on a Tablet

    Uploading Work to Teams Assignments on a Smartphone

    Uploading Work to Teams Assignments on a Computer


  • I don't have the Microsoft Apps on my Device

    You can access and use lots of Microsoft Applications such as Teams, Word, Powerpoint, OneNote from the waffle tool in the top left corner of your screen. These are the online versions of the apps.

    When you open documents in a Teams assignment it might automatically open the online version of the programme. There is an option to open the App which gives you more tools and is easier to use. If you don’t have the Word or Powerpoint Apps installed, you can download them for free onto your home computer using your WBCA email and password.

    How to download Microsoft Apps for free

    1. Go to this link:
    2. You may be asked to sign in. Enter your school email address into the box and follow the instructions.
    3. You should then get to a screen that may look like this, or it may have copies of recent documents.
    4. Click the Install Office button to install popular applications onto your device.
  • Live Lessons through XBOX or Playstation

    If you don’t have enough devices at home but do have a games console, this video may help you to access Live Lesson via an XBOX or a Playstation.

    Please note: This advice and video is not associated with WBCA, it just may be able to help some families to get online.

    Connect To Teams Using XBOX ONE or Playstation 4 – YouTube

  • Acceptable Use of WBCA Devices

    We have been able to provide a number of government and WBCA devices for students to access their remote learning more easily. This is a reminder that the device must only be used for remote learning and educational purposes. The document signed when the device was collected states that parents/carers agree to supervise the sensible use of the device.

    Please note that it is forbidden to install or attempt to install any software, games or other applications on to the school device. The filtering software should prevent students accessing inappropriate sites but it still remains the responsibility of parents or carers to make sure that students behave safely online.

    The devices are actively monitored 24 hours a day and we receive reports of any improper use or installations. Any student found to be doing this will have their user account disabled and the device will have to be returned to school to be rebuilt. This will obviously cause disruption to learning.

    Please support us by ensuring that students use the device appropriately in order to stay safe online.

Having trouble editing Word or Powerpoint documents in your Assignments? Mrs Thorp will show you how to download useful Microsoft Apps that you may need onto your device.

Please Note: this may not work for all devices and you should always ask permission from an adult at home.

Year 7 Remote Learning Timetable - Monday 25th - Friday 29th January






9:00 – 9:30

Form Time Check-in and Activity

Newsround or Reading (MyON)

Academic Skills



Assembly and Rewards

9:30am – 11:45am

Live Lesson (including 15 min break)







1pm – 3:15pm

Live Lesson (including 15 min break)

1pm – Music

2:15 – Girls PE

2:15 – Boys PE




Catch-up, wellbeing and enrichment

Year 8 Remote Learning Timetable - Monday 25th - Friday 29th January

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 – 9:30

Form Time Check-in and Activity

Newsround or Reading (MyON)

Academic Skills



Assembly and Rewards

9:30 – 11:45

Live Lesson (including 15 min break)






1:00 – 3:15

Live Lesson (including 15 min break)


1pm – Music

2:15pm – Girls PE

2:15pm – Boys PE



Catch-up, well-being and enrichment

Change to Friday Afternoons - Catch-up, Wellbeing and Enrichment

We have been very impressed with how many students have been attending live lessons and completing work.

Well done to each and every one of you who have attended all of the live lessons, completed your work and handed it in on time. Your teachers have been awarding points on Epraise in recognition of your hard work.  Some of you may have even received a ‘Golden Ticket’ via email as a reward for your excellent work.  Please do keep up being so brilliant!

We are conscious that spending many hours in front of a screen each day can be tough and tiring at times.  As a result, we have decided that during this period of remote learning, Friday afternoons will now become a:

Catch up, Wellbeing and Enrichment session – from 1pm – 3:15pm.

Catching up on incomplete work

During this time, if you have any work which you need to finish, then you can ensure that this is completed and handed in to your teacher.  If you have any questions or need any help, you can contact your teacher on Teams or via email and they will respond to you.

Respond to marking – complete your Green Pen Activities

In addition, you will find that your teachers have been marking your work and have returned some of your assignments. There will be Green Pen tasks for you to do – to respond to the marking and make sure that you are making progress. During this catch up time you must also make sure that you complete any Green Pen tasks which have been set by your teacher.

If you are up to date with all of your work and have handed it in, then there are some other activities to do.

myON – Reading

We are launching myON on Friday 15th January. This is reading software which is part of Accelerated Reader.  It allows you to read books online, choosing from 5,000 different books.

Here is the link to the myON website:

Your L4L teacher will email you with your username and password so that you can log in.  During Friday morning (15th January), you need to log in to myON and complete a survey. Miss Whitehouse will be explaining this in the Assembly on Friday morning.



There is a national creative writing competition that you can get involved in.

Here is the link for more information: Unsolved – National Creative Writing Competition (

Here is also a Shireland Trust Kahoot Sports Quiz that you can get involved in.

Here is the link for more information:—Week-2.aspx


If you have not already done so, visit the Wellbeing Site on the Student Portal:

Here is the link: Wellbeing: Looking after yourself and others (

Miss Haycock regularly updates the site with information and activities that you can do to help to encourage positive mental health and wellbeing in these challenging circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment.

Remember, you can get in touch with any of your teachers via email and they will get in touch with you. Even though we cannot be with you all at the moment, we are still here to help you and want to know how you are getting on.