The Academy

The Academy

Our Values and Ethos

At WBCA we are committed to an inclusive education for local students at every ability level, a rigorous grounding in academic fundamentals and equipping students for the future through teaching them relevant and cutting edge skills for the era in which they live. Most importantly we believe that every student should be safe, happy, ambitious for themselves and respectful of all. We aspire to create students who are strong academically but also decent, upstanding people that the community can be proud of. 

We Believe

We believe that a student from West Bromwich can absolutely be the equal of any other student, nationally or internationally, if they are given the opportunity and we believe it is our task to provide students with those opportunities both through the curriculum and through the extracurricular activities we will provide.

We believe students should create work of real quality and be able to take some of the work they have done each year and want to keep it for the rest of their lives. We believe that low value tasks lead to low value outcomes.

Finally, and most importantly, we believe that students are the centre of our Academy. Through the opportunities, care, quality and relationships that we will give them we will create students who are:

  • Happy students, who feel their school and peers support them and want to come to school.
  • Healthy students, both mentally and physically.
  • Successful students, ambitious for themselves and others.
  • Students who have strong aspirations and feel that they are capable of achieving them.
  • Students with a sense of decency, respectful of others both within and beyond the Academy.
  • Students with a sense of pride in their Academy, who want to be involved in all aspects of Academy life.
  • Self motivated, inquisitive students, capable of independent study.
  • Students who have a joy of learning and a wish to learn.
  • Students who believe they can improve their skills and abilities through practice and hard work.
  • Students who have strong and resilient coping mechanisms to deal with change.
  • Students who are willing to take risks.
  • Students who know how to stay safe outside of the Academy.