Term starts for all students at 8:40am on Tuesday, 5th September 2023.

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On this page you can find details of a number of reading strategies and interventions that we have adopted at WBCA, to ensure that our students are able to read fluently and confidently, for analysis and for pleasure.

Accelerated Reader Programme

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 use the Accelerated Reader Programme to encourage reading for pleasure. This enables them to select and read a book of their choosing appropriate to their reading ability, quiz their understanding of the text, and for teachers to receive analysis of students’ results which can be used to set goals, monitor students’ continued progress, and inform planning. Once a term, students sit the STAR reading test which gives them a ZPD range that correlates with which books they should choose from the library in order to be appropriately challenged

Year 7 - Whole class Reading

Year 7 students are allocated one hour a week on their timetable to further develop their reading in Literacy for Life. A whole class text is carefully selected for staff to read aloud to pupils (Modelled Reading) as students follow along in their own books. This allows for discussions around the text and new vocabulary followed by ‘Vipers’ questions.

Year 8 - Words for all

One hour a week is dedicated for Words for All. The teacher will read a preselected extract to the class to model good reading. Students are pre-taught key vocabulary to support their understanding of the text and to stretch learners. Students will be asked differentiated comprehension questions on the text.


Every year, students complete the NGRT assessment at the beginning and end of the year. Those students who have been identified as significantly below their chronological reading age will complete a diagnostic assessment to identify the specific areas of need in reading and then will begin appropriate interventions to improve these areas so that good progress can be made.


Pupils who have been identified as having a reading age below 7 years have sat a phonics screening to assess whether they need additional support in phonic decoding and blending in order to become fluent readers. Pupils use the Sound Discovery Phonics Programme every day for 20 minutes.


Identified pupils in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 use the Lexia programme, which is an online platform designed to support three main areas: word study (reading accuracy and fluency by focusing on sound and syllable patterns in words.), comprehension and grammar. After completing an initial diagnostic test, instruction is adapted to the specific need of the pupils.

literacy ambassadors

Nine Year 7 students (with a reading age below 9 years) have been paired with most able readers in Year 9 for peer reading, Every Friday during form time, Year 9 students listen and support readers and have been trained to ask Viper style questions.