Our innovative curriculum is designed to inspire students and give them a great start to Key Stage 3, while producing outstanding outputs at Key Stage 4.

At Key Stage 3 we operate our Literacy for Life curriculum for 17 hours per week with the same teacher in Year 7 and 13 hours in Year 8.

This helps students with the transition to secondary school, enables staff members to get to know students and therefore allows them to care for their academic and pastoral needs. Overall, this provides a strong link with families. Students following this curriculum have had the highest progress scores in Sandwell in each of the last three years.

Examination success is very important, but we also look to support the Arts, Design, Physical Education, Religious Education and the use of technology to ensure that every student can excel in their talents.

One common theme across all of the Academies within Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust is the importance of the community within our model. All of the Academies are at the heart of the community and our curriculum reflects this. We believe in the power of partnerships and have strong relationships with companies such as Microsoft to develop the latest use of technology in education.


We believe that a student from West Bromwich is as capable as any, and look to find opportunities for students to participate in local, national and international competitions and events to show that students from our area can compete on a world stage.

In the following sections, you will find more detail about the curriculum students study and how we assess them. This includes detail of the themes in our Literacy for Life curriculum and our plans looking towards GCSE.