Transport and Drop-off Zones

Parents and Carers

Drop Off

Students will gather in the playground until the bell rings at 8.45am for Tutor Time. Parents are not allowed into the Academy with students, though if you wish to speak to any of our staff you can make an appointment at Reception. Students can be collected from 3.25pm, though there will often be extended activities which students may attempt. The reception will be staffed until at least 4.30pm each day. You can access the times of the Academy here.


We have two main pedestrian entrances to the Academy, one on Kelvin Way and the other accessible by Maud Road/Dawes Avenue. These gates will open at 8:25am each day and be supervised by senior staff who will welcome students and ensure that they are in correct uniform. You can see these entrances on the Academy Map. The pedestrian entrance at the top of the site will be closed from 8:45am and all visitors or late students must come through Reception from this time.

By Car

If you are coming by car, use the vehicle entrance on Kelvin Way that will bring you to our drop off zone. The area outside the Academy is a red route so we would ask parents to make sure they pull in to drop off in the designated area as opposed to drop students on the road. We have 92 spaces in this zone with the option to overflow onto the main car park.

By Public Transport

There are a number of nearby bus routes; we will be in discussion with the council about services as the Academy grows. Students coming by public transport will use the pedestrian entrances.

Pick Up

The pedestrian gates will open again in the afternoon to release students. The gate will be staffed and you can wait outside to collect students. These gates will close again at 3:40 pm and at this point students will be released from Reception.

If you are collecting by car, students will wait outside the carpark/drop off area and come and meet you as you arrive. If you are coming to collect a student during the Academy day, please come to Reception where they will wait for you.