Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust

Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust

West Bromwich Collegiate Academy is part of the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust, a growing Multi-Academy Trust based in the West Midlands at the outstanding Shireland Collegiate Academy.

The Trust supports the Academy, helps to share its outstanding practice and has a core team working to make sure WBCA and all the Academies in the Trust are the best they can possibly be.

Being part of a Trust creates a community of educators and students who are stronger than they could be on their own. Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust was set up by schools and works for schools with every pound raised and spent going to support students across the Trust.

A Message from the CEO, Sir Mark Grundy

I came to Shireland in 1997 and have had the pleasure of watching the school evolve into the outstanding institution it is today. It has given me even greater pleasure being able to take and share this outstanding practice across the Trust.

Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust is known nationally for its innovation and collaboration particularly around our use of technology and we have for some time supported schools in our region in terms of school improvement. Our work with the DfE provides us with an excellent mechanism to benchmark our achievements and hopefully in all that we undertake we act to inspire others.

We believe that every person who passes through our doors deserves the very best that we can offer. We understand that each Academy is unique, but our emphasis and expectations will remain the same. Nothing less than outstanding is acceptable.

We want every single person that comes through the doors of one of our Academies to leave having grown as an individual, in terms of their skill set and their respect for others. We hope that everyone will have participated in a “Whole Education” that prepares them both personally and professionally and that they are well-placed for a successful and happy life

Everyone who works with and for the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust does so because they believe in children and want their futures to be happy and successful.

Sir Mark Grundy

CEO, Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust

Our Mission and Values


Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust’s approach is guided by our aspirations for both staff and students. These aspirations are underpinned by core behaviour values.

Leading Learning – Aim Higher

We believe in developing an ethos of learning for all stakeholders of the school community and creating a culture of innovation and challenge which combine to create the very best learning experiences that drive forward school improvement and raise standards.

Changing Attitudes – See Further

We believe that success is possible for every child, that high expectations are in place for every learner, that every pupil will make significant progress during their time at the school and that each academy has a strong, rigorous academic curriculum.

We recognise the importance of developing learners for life who will be able to build upon their primary education as they move through their secondary phase and beyond with a desire to expand their horizons and aspirations.

Promoting Cohesion – Be Concerned for All

We believe in promoting a shared vision that all people in the community make a positive contribution and have a sense of belonging to improve their life opportunities. By developing a strong sense of rights, responsibilities and trust within the school community, across the wider local community and through technology reaching out to the global community, the Academies will help contribute towards building a more understanding, tolerant and fair society.

We believe that it is vital for pupils to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility across the schools and beyond for their behaviour and conduct.

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You can find out more about the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust here.