Standards and Performance Committee

The Academy

The Standards and Performance Committee acts as a governing body for the Academy.

As a Trust we also have a Board of Trustees who have ultimate authority over all of our Academies. WBCA has an active SPC and the names and roles of its members can be found below.


The Standards and Performance Committee will be responsible for monitoring and reviewing the operational day-to-day running of the Academy. In addition to this, it will act as a consultative body for the main Board.

The SPC has the delegated power to approve the recommendations of the CEO and the Principal in respect of the operational day-to-day running of the academy to include:

  • The management and organisation of the Academy in line with the Academy Trust and individual Academy
    Development Plans
  • Performance in relation to curriculum targets to include the receiving and reviewing of student performance data on a termly basis and to oversee the policies and procedures for reporting student progress and performance
  • The implementation of policies approved by the Board according to the agreed policy schedule
  • Implementation of all extended Academy activities
  • Performance in relation to the site and Health and Safety
  • Performance in relation to the financial position of the Academy
  • Performance of staff to include appraisal and target setting
  • Overview of the staffing establishment agreed by the Trust Board
  • The implementation of decisions of the Academy Trust Board and the CEO
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation


The membership of the Committee will be agreed on an annual basis. The CEO or his representative is not a committee member but will act in an advisory capacity to this committee as necessary.

The membership shall be:

  • A Trustee appointed by the Board as Chair for the academic year
  • 2 Family Members
  • 1 Staff Member
  • 3 Community Members appointed by the Trust
  • The Principal of the Academy
  • 1 Co–opted Trustee or Governor

Our Current Members

Chair of SPC

Rajkiran Egan

Rajkiran graduated from Aston University in 2001 with a Masters degree in Work Psychology and Business. She has worked for the Department for Education for 10 years as both a research and senior research officer. In her time with the Department her work has focussed on issues to support children and families from the early years to adolescence.

Previously she has managed and published research and evaluation studies of a value up to £1.5m, undertaking research reviews and liaising with external research organisations. She has often been a key member of designated “task and finish teams” undertaking rapid evidence reviews or assessing bid applications under tight timeframes.

Rajkiran is interested in recruitment, training and development, the provision for special needs and gifted children and provision for carers’ education.

A Message from the Chair

I am honoured and delighted to be the Chair of the Standards and Performance Committee at West Bromwich Collegiate Academy. The relationship between Head Teacher, this committee, and myself as Chair, is a crucially important one based on mutual respect and trust.

Having previously worked for the Department for Education for 10 years, I fully understand and appreciate the importance of creating a high quality learning environment, one that all children, regardless of their personal circumstances, ought to have access to.

I will do my upmost to work in partnership with the Head Teacher, staff, pupils and parents to ensure that the children who attend this school receive the best possible education they can whilst they are in our care. Enabling them to achieve their maximum potential and to become well rounded individuals of the future. I am fully committed to ensuring that the highest standards of education are upheld and maintained by providing appropriate challenge were necessary.

Please do get in touch if you have anything to discuss.