Form Time Programme

Students and Families

Form Time Programme at wbca

Our Form Time programme looks to enhance students’ opportunities and understanding of the wider world outside our Academy. This time allows our students and staff to build strong pastoral relationships that guide students throughout their time with us at WBCA, creating foundations of trust and support, while providing opportunities. 

The Core of this programme is dedicated to the following:

  • Personal Development (PSHE, RSE and Careers)
  • Current Affairs, Cultural Capital and British Values – often delivered via assemblies
  • Reading 
  • Academic Key Skills such as Numeracy, Literacy, Geography etc. 
  • Catch-up Programme including small group interventions and bespoke activities
  • Year 10 and 11 – curriculum time for KS4 Option Block D subject
  • Year 10 and 11 – Statutory Religious Education

Form Time each day takes place between 8:45am-9:25am. The first ten minutes each day provides time for students to ensure they are prepared and ready to learn during the day ahead.

The following activities take place each day between 8:45am-8:55am. 

  • Registration – roll call
  • Uniform and equipment checks 
  • Distribution of laptops and laptop checks
  • Personal admin: check the Student Portal, email, Edulink and Epraise
  • Planner check (one day per week)
  • Attendance and behaviour conversations (as required)

Students are also able to have conversations with their Form Teacher regarding any issues. They are expected to know their target grades, up to date percentages of attendance and punctuality and the numbers of reward and behaviour points. All of this information can be found in Edulink and Epraise. 

Each year group will then follow a more in-depth programme of activities that take place daily between 8:55am-9:25am. Student Council and Student Wellbeing Ambassador meetings also take place during the Form Time Programme, where representatives come together to discuss ideas. Some students may receive Intervention or Mentoring sessions or access support from our Pastoral Team or Inclusion.  


These activities take place each day between 8:55am-9:25am.