The Academy Day

The Academy Day


In light of the need for Social Distancing, the Academy Day will differ for Year 7 and Year 8 Students. Please check the details carefully.

Timings of the Day


Year 7 Year 8
Arrival to the Academy 08:30 Arrival to the Academy 08:50
Form Time 08:45 Form Time 09:00
Period 1 09:10 Period 1 09:25
Break 10:10 Period 2 10:25
Period 2 10:25 Break 11:25
Period 3A 11:25 Period 3 11:40
Lunch 12:00 Lunch 12:40
Period 3B 12:35 Period 4 1:15
Period 4 1:05 Period 5 2:15
Period 5 2:05 Form Time 3:15
Form Time 3:05 Dismissal 3:25
Dismissal 3:10

Please note: Breakfast Club will not be available as Year Group Bubbles cannot mix.

Students must assemble on the playground at the start of the day and line up in Form Groups to ensure a calm and socially distant entrance to the Academy.

Afterschool clubs will not be available in the first few weeks of term. Our extra-curricular provision is still being finalised.

Other information and changes due to COVID-19 can be found here.

Term Dates

We will follow the Sandwell term dates as outlined below. Please note that the first two days of term will be training days. This means that students are not required on site until Thursday 3rd September 2020. Further training dates will be announced at the start of each term.

Autumn term 2020

Training days                                                 Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Term begins for students                            Thursday 3rd September 2020

Half-term holiday                                         Monday 24th October to Friday 30th October 2020

Term ends                                                       Friday 18th December 2020

Christmas holiday                                         Monday 21st December to Friday 1st January 2021


Spring term 2021

Term begins                                                    Monday 4th January 2021

Half-term holiday                                          Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February 2021

Staff training day                                           Monday 1st March 2021

Term ends                                                       Thursday 1st April 2021

Easter holiday                                                Friday 2nd April 2021 to Friday 16th April 2021


Summer term 2021

Term begins                                                   Monday 19th April 2021

Half-term holiday                                         Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021

Staff training day                                          Friday 25th June 2021

Term ends                                                      Wednesday 21st July 2021

Summer holiday                                           Thursday 22nd July to Wednesday 1st September 2021


Please note

In the future when social distancing can be relaxed we may revert back to the original timings of the day which are as follows:

A standard Academy day begins at 8:45am for Form Time. Students can come onto the Academy site from 8:20am and wait in the playground or, if the weather is poor, the canteen. The day finishes at 3:10pm though there are extra-curricular activities past this time.

Arrival to the Academy 08:20
Form Time 08:45
Period 1 09:10
Period 2 10:10
Break 11:10
Period 3 11:25
Lunch 12:25
Period 4 1:05
Period 5 2:05
Form Time 3:05
Dismissal 3:10