Online Learning and Revision

There are many different ways that you can support your child with their learning at home.

On this page you will find links to the variety or resources, techniques and platforms that we use to supplement the learning that children do in lessons; and revision strategies to help them prepare for tests and exams.

Please revisit this page regularly as it will be updated with new information.

Sparx reader

We are really excited to launch Sparx Reader with KS3 as one of a handful of pilot schools throughout the country. Students will be able to choose from a wide variety of books to improve their reading skills, comprehension and foster a love of reading for pleasure. 

Sparx Reader will be used within L4L lessons and reading will also be set as part of our regular homework. More information coming soon!


We have decided to use Seneca Learning to set homework and revision for our pupils.

Seneca is an adaptive learning platform, with a methodology entirely based on neuroscience, written by experts and academically proven to double students’ outcomes.

Not only are they fun and effective, but they also adjust each assignment to each pupil, optimizing their learning and providing teachers with detailed information about the class’ progress.

Seneca has a free parent platform. With this free parent account, you can support your child’s studies, monitor their learning and identify their weaknesses and strengths in each subject.

Parental engagement has a significant positive effect on learning outcomes. Thus, we highly encourage you to sign up.

Please see the following useful links to the right to get started.


Kerboodle logo

Subscribed to by many subjects, Kerboodle provides each child with an online copy of the textbook used in school. Students can annotate their own copy and use it to support their revision and homework at home.

Students can view and annotate these textbooks:

  • Science
  • German (great for listening practice as there are lots of audio clips)
  • Geography
  • RE
  • History
  • English

Students can now sign in by clicking the Microsoft button and using their school email.

The institution code is ghn7

ask ola

askOLA is an online learning system for students outside of school to help them with their learning.

OLA stands for Online Learning Assistant and OLAs are expert tutors ready to help with learning at home. Students can visit askOLA if they have a question about their home learning or something that they didn’t understand in school.

They can access askOLA by clicking on the link to the right and selecting ‘sign in with Microsoft’ using school login details.

Once logged in, students should select the subject that they would like some help with. askOLA will match them with an expert Online Learning Assistant (OLA) who will help to answer their questions.

Ask questions by typing in the chat box or upload a picture of the home learning so that the OLA can help them. OLAs are available on weekdays 3pm-9pm and at weekends 9am-9pm.

SPARX maths

Used by all year groups, Sparx Maths allows students to learn independently and study topics of their choice and complete specific homework tasks that have been set by class teachers.

Sparx Maths is a scheme of homework to support students through the GCSE Maths examinations, linked to the Pearson Edexcel course.

The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to constantly monitor student activity; how they respond to answers, how long they take and what working out they show over a period of time. It allocates a working level (1-5) which has 3 sub-levels for support, core and extend to ensure that bespoke support and challenge is is provided for each student.

There are over 30,000 questions within the platform so it ensures that the homework that is set is tailored to the individual learner. Look at the video below to learn more.


We use Mathswatch to support the learning of students in all year groups. Homework is set and marked on here and students are provided with extra challenge questions from past exam papers.

TT Rockstars

Mastering times tables is an essential skills to be able to be confident in Maths. TT Rockstars is a fun and competitive platform designed to improve students’ times tables skills. Use it little and often to gain points, compete against friends or even teachers and get better at Maths.