Cambridge National Creative iMedia

Creative iMedia inspires and equips students with the confidence to use skills that are relevant to the digital media sector and the wider industry.  It’s a vocational qualification, equivalent in value to a GCSE and contains both practical and theoretical elements. This creative ICT qualification also ensures that pupils become digitally literate – able to use, and express themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology – at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world.


With an ethos of innovation and creativity in the department we aim to motivate and support the creativity within our students so that they feel confident in the belief that they can change the world for the better.


Creative iMedia supports the National Curriculum for Computing, aiming to ensure that all pupils:

  • can evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems
  • are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.


What will I learn?

Unit 1 R093 Creative iMedia in the media industry

This is an exam unit in which you will learn about the sectors, products, legal and ethical issues, plan and the processes used to plan and create digital media products. You will learn how media codes are used within the creation of media products to convey meaning, create impact and engage audiences.


Unit 2 R094 Visual identity and digital graphics

In this NEA (non-examined assessment) unit you will learn how to develop visual identities for clients. You will also learn to apply the concepts of graphic design to create original digital graphics which incorporate your visual identity to engage a target audience.


Unit 3 One further NEA to be chosen by Course Leader

There are 5 optional units to choose from. Each optional unit has the same structure for learning, but the conventions and practical skills are tailored to the media product being studied.

Options include:

R095 Characters and comics. You will design and create original characters that convey emotion and personality.

R096 Animations with audio. You will plan animations with soundtracks based on client briefs, using a range of tools and techniques to create, edit and combine audio and animated content.

R097 Interactive digital media. You will design and create interactive digital media products for chosen platforms, learn to select, edit and repurpose multimedia content of different kinds and create the structure and interactive elements necessary for an effective user experience.

R098 Create visual imaging. You will plan and capture photographs and moving images using a digital camera and learn to edit and process photographs and video sequences to create meaningful products in response to client briefs

R099 Create digital games. You will learn to create, edit, test and export playable digital games which you have designed.



How will I be assessed?

Students achieve three units: Exam and two Non Examined Assessment (NEA) units.

Unit 1 – R093 Creative iMedia in the media industry – 1Hour 30 minutes written exam 40% of total marks

Unit 2 – R094 Visual identity and digital graphics – Coursework assessed in school moderated by OCR – 30 Hours 30% of total marks

Unit 3- Coursework assessed in school moderated by OCR – 42 Hours per module 30% each of the total marks


What course will I follow?

OCR Cambridge National Creative iMedia Level 1/2 Award/Certificate – J807, J817


Where can Digital Information Technology lead to?

The specification has been designed so that students can progress onto Level 2 and Level 3 vocational qualifications including Cambridge Technicals in Digital Media and Information Technology, A Levels, T Levels or apprenticeships.