Time for a final building update before we open. As always there are more photos in the gallery.

The good news is we are on track to open with handover scheduled towards the end of next week.

There are huge changes both inside and outside. Inside you can see completed rooms undergoing a sparkle clean and completed corridors, the last thing we are waiting for is the staircases to be carpeted and the sliding partition wall which separates the dining area and main hall to be installed.

Outside you can see lots of changes. Signage is up on the exterior of the building and all of the exterior is completed. Exterior lighting has been added, fencing has been added and final surfacing and landscaping is being completed. Note that grassed areas are all seeded rather than turfed so they will be brown for a while but bloom into life next spring.

Finally a word about highways and work being done to the front of the Academy. Highways are adding a cycle path and widening the pavement all along the front of the Academy as well as changing some parking restrictions and adding a full crossing near the Academy. This work is not under our control and may not be fully completed by September. What this means in practice is they may have some fencing in front of our fencing to make sure people do not step on the area they are going to work on. I await more information on this.

All in all we can be really pleased with all of the progress we have seen. There has been massive progress over the last few weeks with hundreds of dedicated professionals putting together a great building.

Everything is coming together to greet the students in just a few weeks.