On site today for the first time in three weeks and it is flying along with more than 70 construction workers on site.

We can see the exterior of the building almost fully encased in the wall insulation. It’s amazing to think that a single wall includes a metal frame, boards, insulation, render, plaster and paint. Looking at the building we are almost at the stage where we will be adding the final exterior render.

Inside, large amounts of equipment have been installed throughout the building, this includes sprinkler systems, heating pipes, electrical wiring and ventilation. We can see the ground floor classrooms have been plastered and are now having two layers of additional flooring added over the concrete planking, a gas membrane and then a self levelling screed.

By early June we will have a completed example classroom with carpets, ceiling tiles, skirting all ready and painted.

Up on the roof there have been installed solar panels, these should provide at least 10% of the building’s power and help to reduce the carbon footprint of the site.

Over the next couple of weeks there will be times when there are more than 100 workers onsite pushing the building along ready for an August handover.

The next site visit will be in a week’s time and we will continue to bring you progress. You can see a whole series of new photos in our Building Gallery.