Secondary academies from across the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust were visited by renowned writer, consultant and work-life balance expert, Bruce Daisley, who shared his insights on personal branding, CV writing and workplace culture.  


Students from Shireland Collegiate Academy and West Bromwich Collegiate Academy were provided with a unique opportunity to hear about Bruce Daisley’s life experiences growing up on a council estate in Birmingham and the influence these had in his personal career journey.  


Having previously served as the European Vice-President of Twitter and as an employee of Google and YouTube, Daisley is celebrated for his multifaceted expertise in work-life balance. He is also known for his unwavering commitment to enhancing workplace practices and culture. His contributions have featured in some of the most prestigious publications including the Guardian, the Telegraph, Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal.    


His widely acclaimed podcast, ‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat’, has been a number one business podcast on Apple, showcasing a diverse range of industry experts including psychologists, neuroscientists and workplace specialists, who discuss pathways towards improved job satisfaction. 


During his visit, Daisley engaged in a substantive dialogue whereby he shared his personal experiences of the job market after finishing education, with students engaging in discussions around the challenges and opportunities that exist in the modern workforce. Daisley’s guidance underscored the importance of personal branding, resilience and students pursuing their passions while striving for a successful and fulfilling career.   


Bruce Daisley said: “I was so inspired to be back in the West Midlands and to see two brilliant schools. The quality of questions was dazzling, it left me inspired for what the next generation of kids are capable of.” 


The session was characterised by the students’ thought-provoking questions, where topics revolved around successfully navigating the modern workforce, entrepreneurship, excelling in job applications and standing out in a competitive job market. They also explored the profound concept of defining success for themselves as they develop their career plans.  


George Faux, Principal at West Bromwich Collegiate Academy, said: “It was an incredible experience for our students to meet and engage with Bruce Daisley. His visit left a lasting impact, encouraging students to pursue their goals with determination and reminding them that success is within reach.” 


Liam Fletcher, Assistant Principal and Head of Key Stage 5 at Shireland Collegiate Academy, further commented: “It was a fantastic opportunity for our sixth form students to connect with Bruce Daisley. His visit helped further ignite a sense of purpose and ambition in our students, reminding them that their passions can often lead to fulfilling careers. We’re grateful for the guidance he shared with us.” 


The expert’s visit was met with much excitement and enthusiasm from both staff and students alike, underscoring the invaluable role that professionals play in inspiring and mentoring the next generation in partnership with schools.