Dear All

It has been a busy week for us here at WBCA, in a way they are all busy weeks as we look towards September and opening. I’ll cover how the building is progressing in a separate update, but it all does seem to be good news.

Some of the week has been spent looking at uniform suppliers, a sample from one can be seen at the top of this post looking at both value and quality as well as different designs.

We have also been shortlisting candidates for interview and making sure we are integrating in with all the services needed to make the Academy operational from the post office to the public health organisations.

Next week is all about interviews as we are looking to recruit teachers to our Literacy for Life curriculum and our SENCO. We will also get final confirmation of the students coming to us and if we have any appeals, so please make sure you accept your places as we currently have about 53 students on our waiting list.

It has also been a pleasure to meet, speak to and hear from some of the students and families who have written to or called us throughout the week.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend.

George Faux