On site this morning and have some great photos. The floors to the second and third floors have been added and it was great to get up on the third floor and see the whole site from above.

There has been a lot of clearance so we can see some of the exterior areas coming into use. You can see the shape of the playground, the car park and the sports pitch coming into play.

We also have the lift shaft installed, brickwork round the bottom of the entire building and a lot of the spoil having been removed from the site.

In fact, this is the last time we will see photos like this as over the next couple of weeks the staircase will be in, the roof will be on and the walls will start to fill in and in March we should see a fully enclosed building.

As we move towards April, the site will be safe enough for us to have some students visit so watch this space for opportunities.

You can see photos of the building developing in our gallery.