This week 7.6 is providing our blog.

Coffee Morning 

We are AmreeAdenike, Mya and Tamsin and we would like to highlight our coffee morning. As many may know, it was Macmillan Coffee Morning on the Friday 27th September 2019. This day is to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support charity. WBCA arranged for the different houses to take part in a competition which would help to raise money. All of the houses baked a lots of cakes, cupcakes and baked goods to sell at break and lunch time, as well as creating games such as, guess the amount of sweets in the jar, pin the cherry on the cake, and even a penalty shootout. The different houses won points for the best decorated cake (Kenrick), the best teamwork (Telford) and best cake selection (Chance). Overall, our morning was full of fun and lots of food. Brindley came out on top with raising money with that house alone raising £80.41. In total WBCA raised (£350) and would like to thank all involved. 

Student Council  

We are Harman, Monalisa and Alfie, and we want to share with you how we have now elected a student council. As we had learnt about democracy and voting in Citizen Me, our form had a vote for our members of the student council. Our student council will help the school make decisions and make sure that students are involved. In the first ever meeting we talked about rewards for house points something that we all wanted to decide on. If you have any ideas that you would like to put forward to the student council, please talk to your forms student council representative. Just a quick reminder student council meetings are held every Tuesday at breaktime.  

Going to the Leisure Centre 

We are RyandeepManvir, Rio and Olivia, we are keen to talk about our last few session at the Leisure Centre, in these sessions we have been learning and practising basket ball. We have been travelling to West Bromwich Leisure Centre in our brand new mini bus! Mr Reeves the site manager drives us to the Leisure Centre now, we think he is the best driver ever, he is so caring, being our site manager he does a lot for us and the school.  

Citizen me  

This week is our last week of our Citizen Me theme. Since we started at the academy we have been learning about ourselves, the environment and the community. It has been interesting to learn about our community and land uses. We have also learnt about politics and democracy which lead to us creating our own political arty broadcasts. We have enjoyed creating display work, presenting and performing and even doing some singing and dancing. We have found out a lot about West Bromwich and our surrounding community and know what it means to be a good citizen. Although we are sad to come the end of Citizen Me, we are so excited to start our new theme next week…PLANETS! We are kicking the week off with the schools first ever trip to the national space center.  

Thank you for reading our blog! 7.6