In 7.7 we are reflecting on everything that has happened since we wrote our first blog. It already seems such a long time ago since our first week at WBCA in September.

Our first blog ‘New Beginnings’ was about our very first week at West Bromwich Collegiate Academy. As you can imagine, a lot has happened since then. The following blog will take you through the past 4 months in a matter of minutes.


Making Friends and gaining confidence

 ‘At the start of the year everyone was shy or scared of the other students but as we began to know each other we became more confident.’ Ibrahim said. ‘We definitely know everyone better than in our first week and we’ve made it to 2020 together!’.


Achieving our ambitions already

 Last time we did the blog, Maddison explained how she dreamt of being in theatre school and so did I (Celeste). I have had a wonderful experience. Celeste, Sharon and Maddy have auditioned and got in twice along with 22 other people! Not only that but we won 3rd place in the Blood Brothers show. It has been great.


Joining teams and winning games

Since our first blog, many students have joined sport and debate teams as well as lots of extracurricular clubs.

Josaia, a member of the Basketball team, has been thinking about how much has happened since the start of the year ‘At the start of the year I wanted to play basketball and now I have achieved my target and have played in two matches, and one of the matches we were against year eights and still we drew against them. In the next game we had won by miles!’

Jayden agreed ‘Amazingly, the basketball team is undefeated but nonetheless, the football teams are still doing well. Eventually, the football pitch will be finally ready and when it is finished, we will be able to play home games. For the girls first match they won 1-0. Congratulations to the girls.’


What other opportunities have we had?

Students have enjoyed the chance to learn a new language and Courtney said

‘Auf Deutsch haben wir viel mehr gelernt. Die Themen, die wir behandelt haben, sind: unsere Hobbys, Aussehen, Zahlen und Phonik.’.

Sandhya noted that we have had the chance to try lots of different sports already ‘For our P.E , so far we have had: hockey on our school MUGA, basketball in the leisure centre, badminton, handball , bench ball and we are going swimming at the leisure centre at the moment. In March, we are going to start our new P.E which is going to be gymnastics.

In our first blog, clubs hadn’t even begun, now many members of 7.7 enjoy attending different clubs on offer each week. Maryam said ‘Science club is very fun and takes place on Thursday after school. You can do practical things (most times) but it’s always fun. In Science club we do experiments and other things too! The teacher who does Science club is Mrs. Gardner and she is good at experiments and Science. Art Club takes place every Wednesday after school, and you can draw or learn how to draw amazing things! I love taking part in Art Club and you can draw, doodle, paint and many more amazing things.’

Sandhya, one of our Student Council representatives said ‘There have been many great improvements around our school and some of those improvements were conducted by the Student Council. The Student Council is led by Miss Hughes as well as many other students of different forms’.

Sania added ‘We have a school council to help us decide the improvements in this school, as our principal Mr. Faux believes that not only the adults, but the students should plan the future events of this school. It was a big surprise for us when we heard about student council, but we all were excited and took part in the competition to be a student council representative’.


Six houses, who will win?

For the first form competition we were challenged to decorate our classrooms, and we were pleased to announce that 7.7 WON! The House competition, however, is ongoing and we are all enjoying taking part in house activities.

In our first blog we didn’t mention anything about our houses and since then we have become more and more competitive, with all of us wanting our own house to win each of the house competitions which have included news quizzes, fundraising challenges and a sports tournament.

Zaynub explained ‘Year 7 have been playing football at lunchtime to win points for their houses on the MUGA.

Win = 4 points

Draw = 3 points

Lose = 1 point’

Jevonri noted ‘Recently we have taken part in a house football tournament.

⚽ The houses in it were Chance, Brindley, Kenrick, Florence, Telford and Chance won it!’.


Times Tables Battles

In our first blog, Mr. Faux spoke in his interview with Aaron and Luis-Jules about the challenge of waiting for our laptops. Things are very different now and we use our laptops a lot in lessons.

Luis-Jules and Shamus have particularly enjoyed the recent opportunity to join Times tables Rock stars and said

‘Times tables rock stars is an amazing times tables game that teaches children times tables. There are different stages of what type of rock star you are; support act is the lowest stage; you have to type the times tables quickly to get the highest stage. The best stage is a rock hero!’.

‘To be a rock legend you need to have a speed of 1 second or lower. To have a rock hero speed you need to have a speed of 0 seconds or less. That’s why it is very hard to be a rock hero but it’s just practice’.


Gillianna remembers ‘In our first student blog called’ New Beginnings’, we talked about our first music lesson. Now, we have individual instrument lessons for those who want to learn an instrument. The most popular one is the keyboard, but there are still spaces in woodwind and dhol drum as well as others if you plan to join’.

Zahraa added ‘Since then, in our music lessons we have done many amazing things. For example: Writing our own songs and making it up with our favourite things. We have lessons like keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, cello, and clarinet’.

7.7 have enjoyed reflecting on how far they have come since September and are looking forward to having an even better term ahead.


Written By 7.7