Since starting at WBCA, we have already been able to contribute to the school positively; we have all been able to share our ideas to help create a school we want. We have just finished the theme Citizen Me, which was brilliant. It was all about what it means to be part of a community, where we learnt about others, and shared about ourselves; it was a great starting topic when starting a new school. We have made lots of friends and any first day jitters vanished after meeting our teacher Miss Grainger.

On Thursday we took part in a focus day, which was centred around plastic pollution in the ocean. We watched a documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ which was really shocking as it showed how over polluted our oceans are with plastic and how it can hurt animals as well as humans. It can also affect the climate and temperature of countries as well. We were asked to bring in plastic and later in the day we created sea creatures from the plastic such as dolphins, turtles, sea horses, stingrays etc. We then each wrote a pledge of what we are going to change in our lives to reduce the use of single-use plastic and protect our oceans. It was a really important day as we learnt much more about the issues we are facing and how it could impact future generations.

We are really looking forward to attending clubs soon when they start. We don’t know all the clubs that will be on offer yet but have been told by our teacher there will be lots of choices. Homework club will definitely be a club that will run, which will help us with any homework we might be find difficult.

We are also really excited about our upcoming theme ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’. It’s all about what goes on beneath the Earth’s surface and it focuses on a fascinating mix between scientific explanations, religious beliefs and key literary pieces with the centre of the Earth as a common link. We have never looked at anything like this before so we are all very intrigued about learning things from very different perspectives.

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