Hello! We are class 7.2 and we are going to tell you about how we have been getting on in our second full week at West Bromwich Collegiate Academy.


We are Ammara, Imrat, Rebecca, Kyra and Nyasha. We are going to talk about lunch time at WBCA. At 12.25pm, our lunch starts. We have 40 minutes for our lunch, to play and enjoy our time. At our school, we have a strict no nuts policy and all food is Halal. We also have an option for vegetarian food.

Parents must have an app called Parent Pay to allow students to pay for school meals. We are a cash free school. Our lunch system is that we line up in two lines; cold food and hot food. For cold food, we have a variety of different sandwich choices. For hot food, we have a different menu every day. Some of these meals include meatballs and pasta, curry and jacket potato etc. For dessert, we have fruit, cookies and cake etc. The food is really tasty. Students also have the option to bring a packed lunch. After lunch, we can finally go outside and breathe in some fresh air.

Multi-use games area (MUGA)

We are Adael, Harnurpreet, Saahil and Rehaan and we want to tell you about the MUGA. The MUGA is very fun. You can do multiple sports on the MUGA and there are multiple options for students. The majority of students play football, but some students race, gossip and play games. The best thing about the MUGA is that it has fences, so the ball can’t go over, as it has a huge cage. It also has melted tarmac on the floor. The MUGA is the size of three 5-a-side football pitches, and we are also going to have four more goals in the future.


We are Sapnel, Mariya, Jayjeevan, Shad and Nikola. Our school ensures the safety of their students, however there are some safety precautions everyone has to follow. Firstly, students must make sure that they stay out of the out of bounds areas in our school, such as the planning area for the sports pitch. We follow the path that leads to school. There are two ways into school; by car or walking along the path. We can’t walk through the entrance for the cars or cut across the car park, as this is very dangerous.



We are Inaya, Aryan, Karnjit, Amarah and Laura. We have been doing the subject Languages for nearly 3 weeks now and are loving it. Our teacher, Mr Guezelkuecuek, teaches everyone German. So far we know numbers up to 99, learnt phonics and learnt basic words and how to put them into sentences. People in the school speak a range of different languages and it’s really nice to have another one to learn. Because of our amazing language teacher we are able to learn German and even more languages such as Spanish as part of after school clubs.

Open evening

We are Inaya, Caia, Daisy, Lewis, Mariska, Jaskiran and we are reflecting back on our successful open evening.

There were many different activities happening during the evening in all different classrooms and in the MUGA. In Art, with Miss Haycock, there were competitions taking place. One of them was making a Plasticine model. You could also take part in a fun quiz. There were explanations about the design printer and other equipment that is used in Art. In Literacy for Life, there were some challenging Maths activities, film reviews and a mnemonic about planets and games.

Many students were tour guides, where students had to take around families around the school and explain a bit about it. Tour guides went with families to each of the different classrooms to take part in the fun activities. There was also a talk with the Principal, Mr Faux, to give parents any extra information.

Thank you for reading our blog.

From 7.2