A Day in the Life of a Year 7 Student at WBCA

by 7.3

Every morning at WBCA all year 7 students line up in front of their fire assembly point.

Then, each class goes in one at a time. When we get to the entrance there are 3 sanitising machines and we must all sanitise our hands as we go in. We have to wear masks in the corridors and when we are lining up to go inside.

Form Time

Every morning we have Form Time, and every day we do something different. Today we were discussing the difference between ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’. We learned that we don’t actually ‘need’ a PlayStation, new clothes or new trainers, we just want them! We ‘need’ food, water and shelter to help us survive.

In our L4L (Literacy 4 Life) lesson today, we were continuing our theme of Journey to the Centre of the Earth where we are learning about the planets, our Solar System and the Universe. Today, we learned about Gravity, Mass & Weight. We now know that mass is measured in Kg and is the amount of matter, whereas weight is measured in Newtons and is the amount we are being pulled down by gravity. We enjoyed doing lots of calculations to work out weight of different objects on the Earth, moon, and different planets. We also watched a video clip by Brian Cox and learned that if you drop a feather and a brick in a vacuum (somewhere where there is no air – like space) they will fall together at the same time.

At break time we have 15 minutes outside on the playground. The canteen is open if you want to buy snacks like crisps, cookies, brownies and there is also a selection of drinks. We line up at the end of break again and our teacher takes us to our next lesson.


Today in Science we were learning about balanced and unbalanced forces with Mrs Priestley. We looked at pieces of equipment and identified different types of forces and described how they made things move. We also learned what a resultant force is and how to calculate it.

Lunch is 35 minutes long and we are called one class at a time. We sit and eat on our allocated table for 7.3 and then we can go outside on the playground or MUGA. We line up again to be collected for our next lesson.



In our Art lesson we did mark making – making Art with marks. We were trying to make different face parts with them, for example the mouth, ear, nose and we could choose the eyes if we wanted a challenge. After we finished our mark making Miss Haycock set us some homework and it was a Fact File about Jacob Everett which involved our mark making skills.

L4L – Reading

At the end of the day we had L4L again and we did some reading together as a class. We are reading a wonderful book called ‘Wonder’ and we are really enjoying it. We read it on our laptops, and everyone settles in while listening to the soothing voice of Mrs. Walji. She stops reading every so often and asks us questions about the characters, their behaviour and how they might be feeling. We really enjoy analysing all the characters. We also get to volunteer to read out loud too.

We also have some other lessons on different days that we enjoy:


In Graphics, with Miss Haycock (also our Art teacher), we have created a PowerPoint which is kind of like a plan. The idea is that we will make our own Christmas or Halloween card.  We have been analysing two images of cards we found on Google.


German is really fun as we get to shout out the words in German and even the tests are fun! Mr G makes it really easy to learn. We have already learned lots of German words – some of them are similar to English like ‘taxi’ and ‘super’ but some words sound different or are pronounced different. We would like to say ‘Ich finde West Bromwich Collegiate Academy super!’

Physical Education (P.E)
In Physical Education we learn a lot of exercises and we have two teachers. Mr. Mohammed teaches the boys and Miss Orman teaches the girls. Boys are doing cricket and girls are doing netball this term. We love P.E because we get to keep fit and enjoy ourselves at the same time.



In Maths we have been learning how to find the Highest Common Factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM). We like going through the step-by step worked examples and then having a go at the questions. We all earn lots of house points in Maths!

We hope you enjoyed getting an insight into our day at WBCA and we hope you liked reading our blog!

From all of 7.3