This week is Form 7.3’s turn to take over WBCA’s social media.

Hi, we are Nicole, Arun, Fiona, Aimpreet, Alesha, Vanessa and Emilia. We volunteered to write our Student Blog for our form.

Interview with Miss Gardner

Here is the interview we did with Miss Gardner earlier in the week.

The Best Things About WBCA

We decided to ask students in our form about their favourite part of being at WBCA so far, and here are some of their responses:

Charlotte – “I like the Science lessons because they are really fun.”
Fahima – ‘I enjoy playing outside with the new friends I have made at WBCA.”
Aimpreet – “I like all the extra-curricular activities, especially Theatre School.”
Nicole – “The Science lessons are my favourite because they are interesting and educational.”
Isa – “I really enjoy my L4L lessons with my form tutor, Mrs Walji.”
Alesha – “I like the Art and Graphics lessons as they are really good skills for me, because when I grow up I want to become a famous artist.”
Taelah – “I enjoy the PE lessons at WBCA.”
Vanessa – “I really like the Science class because it is really interesting.”
Mya – “My favourite part about WBCA is the PE lessons because I enjoy doing lots of different sports.”
Kyle – “I really enjoy PE.”
Chloe – “I like the clubs and lunchtimes at WBCA.”
Fiona – “I enjoy L4L lessons because I can learn a lot about new things during them.”
Kieran – “I really like the food in the canteen.”
Tucky – “I like break time and lunchtime.”
Dawud – “I like PE because it’s fun.’”
Ishaq – “I like clubs because they are fun.”
Oskar – “I like the social time with my friends.”
Kareem – “I like the L4L lessons because it’s educating.”
Arun – “My form teacher, Mrs Walji.”
David – “I like the PE lessons.”
Kamran – “I like learning lots of different things.”
Mrs Walji – “Having a form group of my own to get to know really well.”

Clubs Have Started at WBCA

WBCA offers so many lunchtime and after school clubs. We had to choose all the clubs we wanted to attend, and we found out the results this week. We will tell you about some of the clubs so far.

Languages Club – this club is run by Mr Guezelkuecuek, the languages teacher. Some of the different languages we will be experiencing are Spanish, French, Italian, and a lot more. In this club you can have fun socialising in different languages. You can pick up a language (or even 3!). In the first few weeks we will be learning the basics of Spanish. Mr Guezelkuecuek makes learning new languages fun and enjoyable.

Theatre School – WBCA are partners with the Birmingham Hippodrome. After auditions last week, some students were chosen to be part of ‘Theatre School’ and they have even been offered the chance to go and see Blood Brothers at the Hippodrome next week! They will also get a tour of the theatre and a chance to meet some of the cast and production team.  Students will be able to take part in big performances at school and the Hippodrome. Further details will follow later in the term.

Carrom Club – Our form tutor, Mrs Walji, will be running this club. Carrom is a fun board game for up to 4 players and is a cross between air hockey and pool. You have to flick counters into the pockets to score points. This was a really popular area on Open Evening and so many Year 6s (and parents!) loved it so much, they didn’t want to leave!

Lots more clubs will be starting next week.

More Ideas for Clubs

We asked students in our form if they had more ideas of clubs they would like to attend in the future.

They suggested the following:

Trampolining club, Netball club, Karate club, Gaming club, Roblox fan club, Maths club, Cooking club, Minecraft club, Basketball club and Book club.

Mr Faux has said that if we have an idea for a club, we can help to create it and make it happen, so you never know, some of these might exist in the near future!