Yesterday at 12:30pm Journalism club spoke to BBC reporter and journalist Helen Catt. This has been a very big opportunity for us. It’s a once in a lifetime experience! We had to book a time to call her, so we didn’t disturb her or call her in the middle of an interview.

We used Skype, which worked pretty well in our case. Everyone was very excited to speak with her- we gave up all of our lunchtime!

She gave us some amazing answers, plus emailed us after with some extra information about her career path.

The club spoke about what it takes to become a journalist, and how people can become involved in journalism. It was an inspiring opportunity for us to speak to someone with experience and knowledge on journalism. Each student had the opportunity to ask Helen Catt a question. Some of the questions that we asked were:

  • How did you get into journalism?
  • Do you enjoy your job and working at parliament?
  • Do you have any worries about Brexit?
  • What is your lifestyle like a journalist?

Helen asked us about how we access our news and what kind of stories we enjoy reading. She revealed that young people are very lucky to have social media as it can be used to share and find the latest news.

When asked about having a pass to parliament, Helen dwelled on how privileged she felt to have access to such a prestigious place. Helen told us as a journalist being unbiased is an important part of her job.

On advice to us as journalists,  Helen advised there are a few key skills you need to be a successful: curiosity; empathy and tenacity.

We asked Helen Catt multiple questions, she really inspired us to do what we can to fulfil our dreams. Not everyone wants to be a journalist, but Helen really, really, really inspired us. Everyone here loves to hear the news as it informs us of important things happening. Helen gave us a lot of advice and asked us questions of her own. Throughout the whole call us pupils learnt new things about developing a career of journalism or just enjoying journalism.

Journalism club would like to thank Helen Catt for giving up her time to speak to us.

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