We are pleased to announce we have arranged for uniforms to be supplied by CC Uniforms, a local shop a short walk from the Academy in Kings Square, West Bromwich. They currently supply a number of local schools.

We have chosen this company for a number of reasons.

  • They are local and we want to support local business
  • They are close to the Academy which should reduce travel time for parents to obtain uniform
  • They can produce stock on demand, within 15 minutes
  • They are competitive on price

Don’t rush out yet! Further details will come to you in the welcome pack next month as the uniform will go into production.

You can find out more about our uniform here.

We have tried to limit the number of compulsory items to find a balance between looking smart and value. Branded items will be the blazer, sports top and tie, with all other items available to purchase from a supplier of your choice.