This term, the Performing Arts department at WBCA has be abuzz with activity, offering students a gateway to creativity, skill development and exciting prospects, from insightful career assemblies to exciting workshops and auditions. 

During a special assembly, Year 7 and 9 students gained insight into the vast array of career paths intertwined with Drama. Students received first-hand accounts from teaching staff of how the performing arts have helped shaped their professional pathways and personal growth. From medicine and law, technology, aviation, entrepreneurship and marketing, the versatile skills nurtured in Drama were certainly demonstrated to serve as a springboard to success in a multitude of careers. 

The term also marked the launch of WBCA’s highly anticipated ‘Wicked’ project, where selected student in year 7-9 will be performing a devised piece of work at the Hippodrome in March. Guided by a visiting practitioner from the theatre, students engaged in a workshop whereby the brainstormed ideas for their performance. Throughout the workshop, students demonstrated a very professional work ethic and talent, laying the foundations for what promises to be a wonderful production. 

Auditions for ‘Aladdin Jr.’ also had an impressive turnout, with over 60 students showcasing their talent, demonstrating just how vibrant our culture for creativity is within our school community. Thank you to everyone who auditioned! 

Furthermore, year 10 students were visited by Break Mission, a globally renowned hip-hop and breakdance group. Break Mission sparked a passion for dance among many of WBCA’s aspiring dancers, with an opportunity to learn and develop their skills alongside the industry professionals.  

As the term progresses, the excitement and momentum in the Performing Arts department shows no signs of slowing down, with many of our students poised to make their mark on stage.