Year 11 Attendance competition – your chance to win a £10 lifestyle voucher!

Excellent attendance in school is important as it increases your chances of being successful. With your summer examinations only a matter of weeks away, you cannot afford to be missing days of learning unnecessarily. You should be closely monitoring your attendance by checking e-praise or Edulink at least once a week. Your best ability is availability!

Did you know that your attendance percentage increases (or stays at 100%) every single day that you are in school? Students with good attendance are statistically more likely to achieve their potential when compared to students with high rates of absence (attendance below 90%). College providers will also want to see good attendance and punctuality from their applicants.

We are excited to announce that we have several Lifestyle vouchers to give away as part of an attendance competition this term that is exclusive to Year 11!

How do I get involved?

It is simple, attend every day for your chance to secure a £10 voucher. We have several vouchers to give away to Year 11 students based on their attendance over the next four weeks.