Year 11 Parents and Carers - GCSE Maths Guidance

Here is a reminder of some useful information and tips to help your child prepare for their GCSE Maths Exam in Summer 2024


Students will be taking the Edexcel Higher or Foundation Tier GCSE Mathematics. 

There are three examination papers, each worth 80 marks and each 90 minutes long. The first is non-calculator and the other two are calculator papers. Students should revise all the topics they have covered during Years 7 to 11.



Proposed Revision Lessons:

We are running a Maths Intervention after school on Mondays in M1, M2, M3, SP1 from 3:25pm – 4:30pm. 

Students are provided with booklets, questions from past exams to complete and help with Sparx if needed during this time.

Department Revision Guides/Websites:

Student Portal, Subject Maths Hub has a huge number of resources related to the GCSE course including practice exam papers
has revision videos, exam questions and solutions for most topics.
has videos and practice questions which are marked instantly online with feedback given if the answer is wrong. All students have a login for this site.
has sets of five questions (and answers) for every single day of the year, at varying difficulty levels.

CGP Edexcel Revision Guide and Workbook including flashcards


Recommended Study Skill Strategies:

The best technique for Maths “revision” is to work through past examination and specimen papers, of which students will have plenty by the end of the course. Use these exam papers to highlight areas of weakness. Then use the textbook/revision guides/ Sparx/ MathsWatch or other websites such as Dr Frost, Maths Genie, Corbett Maths to do further work on these areas.

Do not revise Maths by simply  reading revision guides; you must actually be doing Maths, solving problems, answering questions, etc.


Parental Involvement:

Parents/Carers are encouraged to support students in their revision. You might like to:

Test students on the formulae
that they need to know:
Test students with their flash cards.

Encourage students to work on the Corbett Maths 5-a-day (see website link above).

Ask students what topics came up in their most recent practice paper that they found difficult so need to do more work on and encourage them to look these topics up on somewhere like the Dr Frost website.