As you are aware, students will be taking examinations to formally assess some of the knowledge and skills they have gained so far in Year 7. All examinations will be taken in classrooms but will be subject to formal exam conditions.

Students must:

  • Be on time for all exams
  • Follow all instructions
  • Work independently and in silence
  • Write clearly in pen (black pen must be used for GCSE examinations)
  • Raise their hand if there is a problem

Students must not:

  • Communicate with others while the exam in is progress
  • Have notes in their pockets

Here is the examination timetable. Students will also be given a paper copy and it has been posted on the Student Portal. 

Date Subject Time Duration Location
Tuesday 14th January Mathematics Period 3 – lunch

(lunch will be 30 minutes later this day)

90 minutes Maths classroom
Wednesday 15th January  



Period 1 – 2 105 minutes L4L classroom
Friday 17th January Humanities including multiple choice online test on L4L themes. Period 1 – 2 120 minutes L4L classroom