On site today. Lots and lots of progress throughout the building and outside. Most visibly we can see the front and back of the building starting to have render applied, one more coat and this will be finished.

Inside we can see rooms not far from completion with ceiling structures added, fully painted and just needing carpets, ceiling tiles and doors to be finished. The rooms still look a bit blue because of the light from the covered up windows (while they apply the render) but will have offwhite walls and grey carpets when completed.

Moving through the building, the main hall has its walls up and is now watertight and we are just waiting for the installation of a huge steel to hold the partition between the dining hall and theatre. We can now see the frame of the kitchen and site offices appearing as well.

The lift is being installed and the final steelwork for the end of the building is being completed today so we should see a fully enclosed building when we come back after half term. We are told when students come round on the fourth of July we should see most classrooms completed at this point.

As always I would want to offer thanks to the hundreds of tradespeople who are working hard every day to make our Academy a reality through craft and dedication. As always I ask the question will we be ready on time? As always the answer was a resounding “yes”.

Plenty of photos of the latest state of the building are now available in the building gallery.