Here are the instructions for Home Learning for Wednesday 1st February.

Year 7

Year 7 have some L4L Flipped Learning Tasks to complete related to the theme they will begin next week, iRobot. The tasks have been given to all students on paper. Students may also access Maths tasks on MathsWatch or spelling, punctuation and grammar tasks on Century.

Year 8

Year 8 have three Flipped Learning and homework tasks to complete in preparation for future lessons in their Da Vinci theme. All tasks are to be completed on paper. Students can also access MyOn and Accelerated Reader to practise reading skills and also Century to access Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar exercises.

Year 9

As Year 9 have come to the end of their L4L Tragedy theme about World War Two, they have been given a recap task to complete that asks them to revisit their learning as a revision exercise. This is a useful study skill in preparation for future exams. Students need to complete this task on paper so that it can be stuck into their L4L books.

Students will also be set some work on MathsWatch and Science work on Century. They may have some DT work set for them too on Teams.

Year 10

All Year 10 will be set some Maths work on MathsWatch.

They will be set some Science work to complete on their Teams and may have already been set some work on paper to complete.

Students who study Geography will need to revise for their upcoming test.

Students who study Business Studies, Computer Science and DT will be set work online.

Students can also access Century to complete nuggets on a range of subjects.