It has been another busy week at the Academy, again seeing lots of progress on both the building and in other areas.

You can see from the attached photo the building progress which has been taken by a drone flown round the site. The panels have reached the second floor, the staircases have been installed and we are seeing windows being added. This is as well as the work to create the internal partitions on the ground and second floor. Progress in just a week has been incredible and we will keep you updated as more is added.

Away from buildings we have been recruiting staff this week. We have now appointed five staff including an Assistant Principal, two Directors of our Literacy for Life curriculum and our SENCO. We have had a very strong field of candidates for these positions and the staff we have appointed share our passion for creating an amazing Academy and come with some fantastic ideas that will enhance the student experience. Over the next few weeks I will be updating our ‘Meet the Team‘ area to include details of our staff.

I have been meeting with a number of parents whose students have additional needs and we are going to arrange some consultancy days with the new SENCO to work with us during the transition period so you can be sure we are ready to support students from day one.

Earlier in the week we also appointed our uniform suppliers CCUniforms. Supporting a local company to provide our uniforms fits well with our ethos as an Academy for the community and it is excellent that the store is near to us for parents. We will send out more information in the welcome packs in April. Uniforms are not yet available so don’t rush to the shop.

Moving into next week we are finalising some of the internal aspects of the building, including looking at things like the seating for the hall. We are starting to look at furniture procurement and we are writing out to every Primary School to get information about the students to help our transition programme. This is on top of more interviews, starting to prepare items for the welcome packs, getting our next round of job adverts ready, preparing our online environment and a dozen other things to bring the Academy closer to reality.

I wish you all a good weekend.

Kind regards

George Faux