West Bromwich Collegiate Academy has been featured in the Apps for Good 2022 Impact, which shares thoughts from schools, staff and students across the UK about the programme’s commitment to empower young people with essential digital skills and how it has impacted them.

The Apps for Good programme provides students the opportunity to work closely with industry experts to design, develop and programme their own apps from scratch, with the aim of providing a service and solution to a consumer need in today’s market. Currently, the programme has benefitted over 550 schools and 600 teachers across the UK, reaching more than 20,000 young people each year.

WBCA is proud to have recently had two student groups reach the finals of the Apps for Good Showcase in summer 2022. The first, “A-Z Safety”, designed to support victims of domestic abuse, won the “Community Champions” category after being awarded the Judges’ Favourite. The second app, “Scan and Go”, designed to help consumers save money on their shopping during the cost-of-living crisis, was also a finalist in the “Future Founders” category.

One WBCA student shared: “We’ve learned that technology can socially benefit us and the way that technology can actually help us in making a better world.”

Apps for Good encourages students to become more socially engaged citizens, enabling them to explore topics and skills that are meaningful and relevant to them.

Assistant Principal, Mrs Hannah Percival, said: “We want children to be able to take home experiences that they are going to remember for the rest of their lives, and I think that is something that Apps for Good has helped them to do.”

WBCA was ecstatic to hear that Mrs Percival had also been awarded the Donna Hay Award for Impact, which celebrates and recognises the impact of outstanding educators.

Apps for Good has allowed our students to harness and enhance their interests, skills and abilities revolving around Computer Science, opening their eyes to what it is and how students can use and apply it as a potential future career.

As an Academy, we are incredibly proud of our students for taking part and making the most of the opportunities offered to them as part of the programme and seeing them grow as innovative individuals with huge potential for positive impact and change.