Creating this Academy has been an amazing experience but up until now it is missing the most important aspect, the students. It has been fantastic meeting so many students and families during our Primary School visits and the warmth the community has shown us has been amazing. Having said this it is not until National Offer day that we will know who the first students who will be attending the Academy will be.

Sandwell have told us we can expect to be full and we have agreed to take an additional class, so we expect to be offering 175 places. National Offer day is the 1st March 2019 and from this point we will know the first families coming to join us.

Secondary School places will be offered on the day either by post or email or by logging onto your portal to view.

Parents must accept their offer by 16 March 2019 to secure your child’s place.

If you are unhappy with your place, then you can contact Sandwell admissions and appeal. If we have any students who decline a place, we will then move to accepting students on our waiting list.

What Happens Then?

Following acceptance, we will write to you with an initial congratulations and in the following weeks you will receive a welcome pack detailing more information about the Academy and information such as uniform, what to bring and your form group etc. There is also lots of information on this website.

We will then have your contact details and start to send you more information about transitioning to the new Academy.

We have been looking forward to National Offer day just as much as you have and cannot wait to have the first students in the Academy’s history joining us soon.